[This snow-covered tree is at Waterworks Park]Scenes from Fairfield in wintertime...

[Winter snowfall in field north of Fairfield] [Hay bales in snow covered field south of Fairfield on Hwy 1]

[Gazebo in February snowfall - next to Senior Citizen Center]

[Children sledding down the hill at the Fairfield Golf and Country Club]

[The Carlson's yard in wintertime,picture by Deb]

[Wintertime at the Carlson's !, picture by Deb]

[winter at a Fairfield family farm]
A new addition to the Fairfield Square 
Christmas display is this wonderful
carving by Fairfield artist John Schirmer of Santa and friends.

It was recently placed on the Square next to the Santa House.  Thanks John, for the work and love you put into making this display for all to enjoy!

Santa Chainsaw Carving by John Schirmer