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AC9 is funded by the City of Fairfield, with programming provided by local and national communities.  Suzan Bates Kessel is station manager. Scott Holderbaum is assistant manager. Fairfield Public Access is overseen by the FPAC Board consisting of Andy Nelson, Ken Kashan, Jason Furth and Deb Carlson 

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Station Manager

Suzan Bates Kessel,
Station Manager

Suzan is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the station, including programming, scheduling..

[Suzan Bates Kessel, FPAC9 Station Manager.]  Suzan Kessel reaching for videotapes. Suzan progamming the vcr's.

In early 1995, the FPAC committee requested and received funding by the City of Fairfield for the part-time position of station manager.  Suzan Bates Kessel was hired in February, 1995.

As an artist  and community leader, Suzan set out to make FPAC an important part of the Fairfield community.  Suzan's interests in the arts, chamber of commerce, civic center development, and health care concerns have provided the basis for many well-watched programs on FPAC.  Suzan has received the Fairfield Chamber of Commerce "Outstanding Citizen of the Year" award for her many contributions to the Fairfield community.

More than just a behind-the-scenes administrator, Suzan appears on-camera and behind-the-camera many times, lending a credible and friendly face to FPAC programming; conducting interviews and co-hosting as needed.

Volunteers for FPAC9 are always welcome.  Contact FPAC9 for information on how you can help.