Obtaining a sponsor/being a sponsor: 

Individuals and non-profit organizations that want to cablecast their programs on public access television may do so, or they can find someone or some business willing to "sponsor" a program or series to offset costs.

There is no "fee" that FPAC9  can charge for cablecasting.  This does not mean that program production is cost-free, however.  The cost of videotape, batteries (if needed for wireless microphones), and other miscellaneous costs do add up and it is not fair to expect FPAC9 to bear all of the costs.  We encourage sponsorship of programs to provide a cost offset of production expenses. 

Such sponsorship may take several forms, all of which must follow the policies and guidelines set up under Ordinance 913.  There are certain restrictions on commercial logos, etc. that can be used within time-limits; but these are usually able to be worked out with consultation with the FPAC9 staff.

Please refer to Guidelines for further information, or contact FPAC9 for assistance.