City Council meetings are broadcast  live the second and fourth Monday of each month at 7:30 p.m. Army News Watch show will be shown at 9:30 p.m.

 Program Schedules are prepared and sent via fax.   FPAC9 reserves the right to substitute a show of its choosing and place "To be announced" on the schedule. All questions regarding programming should be directed to the station general manager. FPAC9 management is solely responsible for scheduling all programs and releasing the schedule to the media. 

Selected programs may be  repeated the following day, 

The term 'Varies' indicates programs that are produced or provided for short-term viewing and may  include multiple general-interest programs.

To receive a weekly, faxed program schedule from the station manager, please contact FPAC9 by e-mail  




Monday - Friday 5:00 - 6 p.m. Varies
Monday PM 6:00 Toastmasters
  7:00 City Council  or Army Newswatch
  9:00 - Varies
Tuesday PM Open Varies
  6:00 Precept Ministries Series
  7:00 Varies
  8:00 Fairfield Health Matters
  8:30 (approx.) Varies/City Council
(taped version)
Wednesday PM Open Varies
  6:30 St. Mary Church
  7:30 Iowa Sports
  8:00 Varies
Thursday PM 6:30 Keating Interviews...
  7:00  Art of Living
  8:00 Varies
  8:30 Satsang with Gangaji
  9:30 Varies
  10:30 Bridging Heaven & Earth.
Friday PM 9:30pm  Fright Night Theatre.             Classic Sci Fi and Horror films
Saturday AM & PM Repeat of Friday programs   
Sunday AM Repeat of Friday programs  
Sunday PM 5:00 / Open Varies
  7:00 Varies
  7:30 Antioch Independent Church
  8:30 Fellowship of the Holy Spirit
  10:00 Varies