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  1. How do I ... Get a videotape on FPAC9 ?
  2. Where can I find ... FPAC9 ?
  3. Why doesn't ... FPAC9 show commercials ?
  4. Who is ... our source of funding ?
  5. What is ... our view on censorship ?
  6. When is ... a program cablecast on FPAC9 ?

How do I ... ?

Get a videotape on FPAC9?  Easy! Obtain a Cablecast Request Form from next to our door to the station or call to request one be sent.  We need certain basic sponsor and program information in order to schedule and publicize programs to the community.  Submit the form with a tape and the station manager will get back to you about scheduling.

Part of the responsibility of a sponsor/provider is to know and understand the guidelines under which we can (and cannot) cablecast a particular videotape.  See Guidelines for this information.

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Where can I find ... ?

Where can I find FPAC9?  We are located in the Broadway Building at 607 West Broadway in Fairfield, Iowa.  We are on the first floor in Suite 130.  The best times during the week to catch Suzan and/or Richard are mid-afternoon on any given Monday, Wednesday, or Friday.  Those are the days when we do the programming and VCR loading for the next two days programs.  Other times by chance or appointment.  Call us at 641 469-3225. 

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Why doesn't ... ?

Why doesn't FPAC9 show commercials?  Because as a public access station we are forbidden by Federal law from competing with local traditional news services like newspapers and radio and television stations.  We like it because we can present forums and other programs of extended lengths (we've gone three hours once) without advertising concerns.

Our scrolling, which runs when programs do not, does promote non-commercial community announcements.  Those can be submitted by anyone or any non-profit organization.  These Public Service Announcements can be submitted to the station by mail, in person, or by e-mail/fax/telephone message.  We need the basic who/what/when/where information.  

Note some limitations: We cannot, by Iowa law, promote raffles and bingo as they are forms of gambling.  Also, we do not publicize ticket prices (e.g.: $15 for adults); this gets around the overt commercial aspect of concert and theatre and spaghetti dinners.  We will, instead, put on something to the effect that 'tickets are available at XYZ on the square'.

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Who is ... ?

Who is the source of funding for FPAC9?  The City of Fairfield provides the funding for our operations out of general revenues and, lately, a portion of a recently passed local option sales tax for a jail site improvement.  We appreciate the generous support that the city council members have given FPAC9 over the years.  We are also grateful for the donations from the community which have been used for equipment.  

Special thanks goes to the Greater Jefferson County Foundation for their financial support of our grant applications. Through the GJCF we have been able to obtain additional VCR's for playback of programs and they provided the funding for our two digital cameras.  We greatly appreciate the Foundation for their support. If you would like more information on the Greater Jefferson County Foundation, visit them on the Fairfield Area Chamber of Commerce website.

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What is ... ?

What is our view on program content?  We do not censor programs for content; we do operate under the City of Fairfield Ordinance 913 which provides our guidelines for what can be cablecast or not.

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When is ... ?

When is a program cablecast?  When we receive a tape, it will be scheduled by our station manager and put on the schedule.  Programs are generally run in the evening hours and then re-cablecast the following morning (we have an automatic VCR switcher).  Friday evening programs are played again on Saturday a.m. and p.m., and again on Sunday a.m.

FPAC9 is unusual in that we often put programs on with short notice (you were wondering why those "To be announced" slots are on the weekly schedule!).  Of course, providing us a tape for the following week or two gives more opportunity for newspaper and scrolling program promotion.  We will always try to work with sponsors of programs for obtaining the best time slot we feel will attract an appropriate audience.

See Programs  and Schedules for additional information.

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