Programs of FPAC 9.

The staff of FPAC9 has worked hard to develop and maintain a broad variety of programs for cablecast.  Contact FPAC9 to arrange a taping of your event 


Types of Programs:
City council meetings
Art association exhibits
Area Tours
Safety Programs
High School sports
School music and drama
Travel programs
Organization profiles
Food and Cooking shows
Jefferson County Fair
Art topics
Chamber of Commerce

Fairfield Health Matters
Keating Interviews...
Art of Living
Satsang with Gangaji
Noah's Ark adopt-a-pet
Iowa Basketball
Iowa Football
Legislative Breakfasts
Home and Garden Show
Church programs (various)
Power Connection
Band Concerts
Recreation ideas
Army News-Watch
Art Walk
Some scenes from our past shows...
ProgramsGroupPan.jpg (131185 bytes) (Click to enlarge)  This is a composite of pictures showing the types of programs that FPAC9 is proud to present to the Fairfield community.  From health to the arts, Veteran's Day to Kiwanis Kids Day, students and prairies grasses, and Santa too, there are a variety of programs on FPAC9 for every taste!

Veteransday98.jpg (13725 bytes)
Veterans Day

[Army NewsWatch][Sac and Fox Lapidary Club]
Sac and Fox Lapidary Club promo show

[Noah's Ark adopt-a-pet program on FPAC9 !]

Produced by Soldiers Radio and Television, a department of the Army's Office of the Chief of Public Affairs in Alexandria, Virginia, Army News-watch is distributed to army installations and television stations throughout the US. This series carries news and information relevant to the military community.