Fairfield is deeply patriotic and celebrates its' love of country with moving tributes to those who fought to preserve freedom...


Fairfield is proud to be home of the 34th Army National Guard Band.
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USAF General, retired native of Fairfield Richard Lawson

34th Army Band performing at Veterans Day Program , 2000.


USAF General (Retired) Richard Lawson
speaking to Veteran's Day Program at
Fairfield High School, Nov. 11, 2000

34th Army Band and Fairfield Community Chorus
"Glory Hallelujah"

Jan Hunnerdosse singing "God Bless America"

"Army Goes Rolling Along" 34th Army Guard Band


[Veterans Day celebration in 1988]
Veterans Day

[Memorial Day celebration in Central Park, 1997]
Memorial Day, Central Park

[Flag on display in Central Park] [Flags and Watertower in Cental Park]

[House in Fairfield decorated for 4th of July]

Check out the patriotic park benches in Fairfield's Central Park.