Chautauqua Park
Waterworks Park











The City of Fairfield is dedicated to providing quality park and recreation facilities and areas for the community...

Chautauqua Park
Waterworks Park

[Fairfield Park and Recreation building, with administrative offices as well]

Fairfield Park and Recreation is a City of Fairfield department that offers park facilities, swimming outdoors and indoors,weight-room facilities (recently received an $80,000 equipment upgrade!), and a racquetball court.

[Forest Park sign]
Forest Park

[Howard Park sign]

[merry-go-round in Howard Park]
Fun for the kids!

[Wilson Park]
Wilson Park

Volleyball courts at O.B. Nelson Park.
Volleyball !

[O.B. Nelson park]

[pond in Whitam Woods]
Whitam Woods

Fairfield City parks ...
  1. Central Park
  2. Chautauqua Park
  3. Howard Park
  4. O.B. Nelson Park
  5. Lamson Woods State Preserve
  6. Little League
  7. Forest Park
  8. Heritage Park
  9. Wilson Park
  10. Woodthrush Woods State Preserve
  11. Waterworks Park
  12. Southwood Park

New: Ice-skating rink at Heritage Park!
        This 66x110 foot rink is sponsored
        by Fairfield Park and Rec. Dept.


Jefferson County parks available:
  1. Round Prairie Park, 101 acres
  2. Zillman's Hickory Hills, 46 acres
  3. Cedar Creek Timber, 111 acres
  4. Jefferson County Park, 175 acres
  5. Turkey-Run Wildlife Area, 415 acres
  6. MacCoon Access, 71 acres
  7. Whitam Woods, 133 acres
  8. Livingston Timber, 74 acres
  9. Gobble Park, 1 acre


Note: Check back to this section for further additions...