The Jefferson County Law Enforcement  Center opened on Tuesday, October 30, 2000 with the transfer of prisoners from the old jail to the new facility.  The $4 million project was completed on time and under budget!  Located on West Grimes Avenue, the Jail also houses prisoners from other counties on a per deim basis for added revenue.

Picture of new Law Center facility, sign out front. Bumpersticker found in Sheriffs office.
Dispatching area of Law Center.  
The radio dispatching area is greatly expanded now, with additional security measures in place for the safety needs of the dispatching crews.
Cellblock control rooom in law center.
Prison operations are monitored at
all times in the cellblock control room.
Access to all areas is controlled here.
Conference room for presentations. One of the most visible improvements in the new jail facility is the expanded office and conference room areas provided.  Officers have their own rooms, generally, giving them ample storage room for equipment and records.

This facility houses 
both the Fairfield Police 
and the 
Jefferson County Sheriff dept.

The Sheriff's office area.
Holding cell. The new facility has expanded room for inmates to be housed more securely from the staff and each other.  Maximum security areas have been improved, and a special cell was created to manage the needs of handicapped prisoners.  

One cell is available for those prisoners believed to be carrying infectious diseases.
Thanks to all who contributed to the building of this new facility for Jefferson County.  Special thanks goes to Gordon Plepla, formerly of Fairfield, who designed this building to meet the new jail standards imposed by the state and federal levels of jail facility oversight.