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The Louden Machinery Company was formed in Fairfield in 1881 by William Louden and his wife.  Dairy and hay equipment was produced beginning in 1868.   In 1895, William Louden was granted a basic patent on the first flexible door hanger which was the forerunner of most present-day door tracks and hangers.  William Louden also designed the nation's first Monorail conveyor system and began its production in 1919.  

Today, the history and artifacts of the Louden Machinery Company are considered a vital part of Fairfield's history.  Local artist and history-buff Mark Shafer has assembled a vast collection of Louden memorabilia, and has been instrumental in securing grants for the preservation of Louden barns, buildings, and artifacts.  

Fifteen properties associated with Louden's factory have been nominated to the National register of Historic Places.

Mark has presented many historical programs to Fairfield groups over the years, and FPAC9 has videotaped them recently for cablecast to the Fairfield community.

Slideshow of Louden memorabilia ...

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[Louden Machine Co. cow]

[Louden Machine Co. cow equipment made in Fairfield]

The Louden Machinery Company 
also made gated implements for cows!

For historical information on the Louden Machinery Company in Fairfield, please read "A Fair Field" by Susan Fulton Welty, available at the library.