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Fairfield Public Library

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Library history...

Since 1893, the Fairfield Public Library was housed in the Carnegie Building at 2nd and Washington.  See Carnegie Library on this website for further information about that historical Fairfield structure.

[Library organized 1853, new library dedicated in 1996] [Library patrons at front desk]

Fairfielder's are very proud and protective of their library, and it was with only great reluctance in the early 1990's that the public recognized that the needs of the community had literally out-grown the space available at the Carnegie Library.  Fundraising efforts were implemented and public input sought for what the next library building should include.  A bond referendum was passed and construction began on Fairfield's new public library for the 21st century!



The new Fairfield Public Library was completed in 1996; the facility provides more than twice the space of the previous building and has equipment designed to serve our increasingly complex and diverse needs for information well into the 21st century.

Public access computers make available a vast storehouse of articles, encyclopedias, and telephone directories.

Providing computer access to children is an important goal of the Fairfield Public Library.  An extensive collection of educational software is available; children are encouraged to use the full range of multimedia capabilities of today's computers.

CD ROMs  and DVD collections enhance the array of borrowable resources which include: books, magazines, newspapers, video tapes, compact disks, cassettes, and recorded books.

Compact disc listening and video tape viewing stations join the increasing number of library services including: fax machine, photocopying, laminating, typewriters, public meeting room, travel information, Internet access, and more.

Genealogy research materials are provided, with local historians willing to assist in research.

The library staff is committed to being friendly and helpful.

The youth services librarian maintains an up-to-date collection of materials and also conducts a wide variety of children's programs, including storytime, sleep-overs, school outreach, and multimedia presentations about library services to young children.


Library video
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[Jim Rubis, Library Director]

Library Director
Jim Rubis

Staff (new e-mail to:)
Judy Bar-Shimon; Youth Services Librarian
Juli Hisel, Children's Outreach

There are others on staff who assist with
material checkout, return, and computers.
Their dedication and service are appreciated.


Library Events (call for schedules):

Summer reading program - 8 week reading program running from June & July with prizes and a party for children at the end.  Toddler Story Time - For ages up to 2 years.  Fall and Spring sessions. Pre-school Story Time - For ages 3-K.  



View of Fairfield Public Library front entrance.


General information:

Fairfield Public Library,
James Rubis, Director

Note: Due to recent city budget cuts, certain library hours have been reduced.  Contact the library if your visit is time sensitive, so that you do not arrive when the library is closed.

Services :
Fax machine ( receive and send ); Laminating; internet, reference, children, and word precessing computers; CD listening station; video/DVD viewing station; typewriter; photocopying; public meeting room; travel information; sick kid kits; book deliveries; DVD/CD repair machine; EBSCO (fully searchable database with more than 6,000 titles); Reference USA; NoveList database for recreational reading.

Oh, and books and magazines and videos.

Location: 104 West Adams, Fairfield, Iowa 52556
Telephone: 641 472-6551
FAX: 641 472-3249
Movie line: 641 472-3253

See also: Carnegie Library section in this website