Fairfield Fire Department.  Located in the downtown area, various trucks are capable of handling most kinds of fires and smoke situations.  

If the need arises, Fairfield responds to fires outside the city limits under mutual aid pacts with other cities in Jefferson County.  Fire protection with Maharishi Vedic City will be provided as well.

The Fairfield Fire Department is located at 104 N. 2nd, Fairfield, Iowa.

Their telephone number is 641-472-9212 (0ffice) ;

 Dial 911 for emergency.

[Fairfield Fire Station]
Fairfield appreciates the efforts of the fire chief and volunteers that work to keep Fairfield safe from fires and hazardous conditions.

[Fire Department thermal camera request]
A public fundraising drive for a thermal imaging camera was recently videotaped and cablecast by FPAC9.

Several units have now been purchased for the fire department to use.

[Fairfield fire truck]

Fairfield Fire, Police, and ambulance prepare for action, Feb. 11, 2004.
The Fairfield Fire Department, Police, and
ambulance prepare for action, Feb. 2004.