The Jefferson County Fair...

Since 1995, FPAC has been invited to videotape the events and exhibits of the Jefferson County Fair.  In this way, those unable to attend can get the flavor of what went on during fair time; also, it is great for the many workers, volunteers, and participants to get to see the portions of the fair that they were either part of or unable to see due to obligations.

4-H exhibits, livestock showings, grandstand events, music, and Queen contests are a few of the activities that can be found.  Midway rides and games of chance provide fun and amusement for all ages.

airfairgrounds.jpg (16375 bytes)
View from air

Exhibithall.jpg (22473 bytes)
4-H exhibits

4hanimalcontestfair99.jpg (23586 bytes)
Livestock showing

statefairexhibitsfair99.jpg (24792 bytes)
State Fair bound

4Hboyscleananimalfair99.jpg (25168 bytes)
Animal care

mbairdandqueen.jpg (25250 bytes)
Trophy time!

midwayfair99.jpg (17503 bytes)
Midway rides 

SteveLambdaughter.jpg (20959 bytes)
Fun on the rides!

Trivia: Did you know that Fairfield hosted the very first Iowa State Fair back in 1854?