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Explore Fairfield throughout this site.  Slow down in life and enjoy the Heartland of America.

Fairfield is located in southeast Iowa, and is
the county seat of Jefferson County.  It is located 
22 miles west of Mt. Pleasant and 25 miles east of
Ottumwa.  Fairfield was incorporated in 1847.

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Heritage Courtyard sign at 2nd and Burlington. Erected Nov. 10, 2000.

[Broadway Street] [Broadway Street in fall colors]

Fairfield enjoys many arts and civic organizations which brings the Fairfield community closer together.
Enjoying nature-
Strolling through our park system is one way of enjoying the abundance of nature that surrounds the Fairfield area.
School Pride-
Education has always been important to Fairfield.  From pre-school through college, Fairfield offers many opportunities for educational advancement.
34 th Army Band-
 The 34th Army Band from the Iowa National Guard is based in Fairfield.  

See also: Patriotism for
vidoclips of Veteran's Day.

Habitat for Humanity-
 Building homes for those less fortunate is one way to bring a community closer together.
Wintertime in Fairfield brings out the wonders of nature at Waterworks Park.

See also: Snowmen.
Good sportsmanship is taught at every age in Fairfield, giving our youth both physical and social skills.  
Fairfield is proud of the Bonnifield Home, believed to be the oldest surviving home structure in Iowa, dating from 1838.
Seniors Alive!-
Our senior citizens have opportunities to participate in Fairfield life.

Service Organizations-
Helping others has always been an important part of Fairfield life.  There are several long-established service clubs to join and be involved in.

Carnegie Historical Library and museum
Built in the 1890's with help from Andrew Carnegie, this is the first Carnegie library to be built in Iowa and the first west of the Mississippi River.  It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.
City Government-
Keeping Fairfield managed properly is the responsibility of our mayor and city council.

See also: Fire, Police, new jail,
Snow removal, brush pickup.

Fairfield Area Chamber of Commerce-
The Chamber provides many services to the community and helps develop economic growth.
Public Library-
The new Fairfield Library was built and then dedicated in 1996.  It provides bright, cheery reading areas, ample room for materials, and audio/visual checkout materials.  Computers and copiers are available too!
Central Park -
Bandstand, permanent
benches, bronze sculpture,
walkways, center of the
business district.
Elaborate Christmas display
naming Fairfield the
"Christmas City".

Many groups use Central
Park for their activities
throughout the year.

Learn about the 
Fairfield Strategic Plan,
introduced in May, 2003
Download this PDF file and 
discover how Fairfield will 
grow and develop in the future.


[Fairfield Golf and Country Club]
Did you know that the
Fairfield Golf and Country Club was the first ever built west of the Mississippi River?

Welcome sign at east edge of Fairfield, Iowa.

Fairfield trivia ...

  1. First post office was in Thomas Dickey's hat.

  2. Thomas Dickey also had the first hotel in 1839.

  3. First brick house built in 1843.

  4. John T. Moberly was the first physician, in 1839.

  5. Samuel Shuffleton was the first lawyer, in 1839.

  6. Rev. Reuben Gaylord, Congregationalist, preached the first sermon, in 1839.

  7. A son was born to a Mr. Shepherd in the fall of 1839, the first on the town quarter.

  8. Eliphalet B. Fitch was the first death in the town, 1839.

  9. Farnham Whitecomb and Nancy Fox were the first couple married, 1840.