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"People working together for a better tomorrow"

The Fairfield Area Chamber of Commerce has provided FPAC9 with numerous programs and interviews over the years which have provided the Fairfield community with a better understanding of Chamber activities.  A program entitled "Chamber Talk" was produced locally by FPAC and the Fairfield Chamber and cablecast on FPAC. 

Some of the topics covered have included:

bulletTours of businesses and factories
bulletChamber event promos
bulletFarm-to-Business exchange
bulletroad construction plans
bullet4th of July celebrations
bulletAnnual Banquet
bulletCity council members
bulletChristmas decorations


bulletLegislative Breakfasts
bulletCandidate forums
bulletCity-wide garage sale
bulletFarmers market
bulletCivic Center development 


FPAC appreciates the willingness of the Fairfield Chamber to use FPAC to reach the Fairfield community with information and details about Chamber activities.

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Chamber briefs...

MONDAYS-Chamber Talk -8:35-AM-KMCD 1570 AM 



Business Showcase 2001

Business Showcase
held at Best Western Inn.



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[Chamber market#1] [Chamber market#2] [Chamber market#3]
Fairfield Farmer's Market


[Chamber - Heritage Courtyard site]     [Chamber - Kent Whitney making Heritage brick] 
Heritage Courtyard project


 [Chamber business exchange#1]      
Farm/Business Exchange '99


Business and Industrial Park
(putting the pieces together
for a strong and healthy business economy)

Contact the Chamber:

20 Typical Questions Answered by the Chamber

1.       What permits do you need to start a business?

2.       How do you get phone service, electricity and gas, cable TV, and water hook ups?

3.       Do you have a local events calendar?

4.       Who handles the electricity coming off a pole on the square?

5.       Do you have Fairfield memorabilia?

6.       Do you have information about organizations and their events?

7.       Do you know any independent web designers?

8.       Can you send me a list of…Chamber members that are, realtors, contractors, daycares, preschools, hotels, and restaurants…?

9.       Can member businesses leave brochures on display at the Chamber?

10.   Where do you find the number for the Senior Citizen Center in the phonebook…the number for the water department...the driver license station…vehicle title registration office?

11.   What is the name of that business that does…i.e. cuts things with water jets…the shoe store on the square…the company that makes gloves?

12.   Do you have phonebooks?

13.   Where do you get Parson College transcripts?

14.   Can you send me a relocation/vacation packet?

15.   When is the…Farm Barbeque…Kiwanis Kids Day…Chamber Garage Sale?

16.   Do you have Parsons College Memorabilia?

17.   Can I still order a “Heritage Courtyard” brick?

18.   Do you have city maps?

19.  Where is City Hall?

20.  When is the Farmer’s Market?


This is a sample of the hundreds of questions received in the Chamber office each day.  Contact the Chamber for the answers.

Mission Statement:
"To improve the overall business climate for its members through sponsorship of programs which stimulate economic growth, promote civic development and enhance political action."


[Chamber window and building]
Fairfield Area Chamber of Commerce
204 West Broadway,
Fairfield, Iowa 52556

(641)  472-2111

Robert E. Phipps, Executive Vice President -
Nancy L. Morrissey, Administrative Assistant -
Sally Chandler, Secretary/Receptionist




Contact the Chamber for their e-mailed Chamber Week news.